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 The following events are offered each winter:

Team Leagues:

Conventional Pistol: .22 Cal. Pistols, open or optical sights, 2 pound minimum trigger pull weight. This is the standard NRA National Match Course of 30 shots fired at 50 feet on the B-2 and B-3 targets.

Individual Leagues:

 I.S.U. Centerfire Pistol (1/2 course): .32 cal. to .45 cal. centerfire pistols. All firing is done with one hand, bullseye style. Iron sights only. Slow fire is 5 shots in 6 minutes on the B-33 target, 15 shots total. Rapid fire is 3 seconds per shot on the B-39 target for a total of 15 shots starting each shot with the gun down at a 45 degree angle. Minimum trigger pull weight for centerfire guns is 3 pounds. Barrel length is limited to 6 inches. Sight radius must not exceed 8.6 inches. Normally, .45 cal. Pistols are not permitted in ISU competition. The legal caliber range is .32 to .38. To make allowances for more people to compete the State Association has widened the caliber choices. We can do this because this is not a sanctioned match. I would still prefer that .45s be scored as .38s when possible.

I.S.U. Air Rifle: Standard air rifle target, one, five or ten bull. 20 shots, 10 weeks only

I.S.U. Air Pistol: single or four bull air pistol target, 10M, 20 shots, 10 weeks only


Pine Tree State Rifle and Pistol Association Membership: (Required) If you are a life member or have already paid your current year’s  dues indicate “life” or “paid” on this line. $15.00

First event: $10.00   Second event: $7.00   Third event: $6.00  

No additional discount after 3 events.


State association dues: $15.00
Conventional Pistol League: 10.00
ISU centerfire pistol: 7.00
Air Pistol: 6.00



Make all checks payable to PTSR&PA. All entries should be postmarked no later than 24 December. Pistol competition begins the first week in January and scores are due the following week.


Additional Information:

Pistol Leagues: A club team will consist of a minimum of 4, max of 7 shooters. The weekly score for a team will consist of the total of the 4 highest individual scores. Multiple teams may be formed at the host club’s discretion. League team divisions will consist of at least 2 teams.

Return all entries to: Ed Stanhope